Autumn Winter 2021



With the Fall/Winter 2021 "Sense of Home" campaign, HANRO conveys an attitude towards life that the premium underwear brand has represented for over 135 years: This unique sensation of being wrapped up in a high - quality, fine garment made of natural materials gives the feeling of warmth and comfort. The reassurance of wearing durable, sustainable quality apparel from the company’s own production facility evokes feelings of security. The attention to detail – in the craftsmanship, in the design, and in the finishing touches shows that HANRO cares deeply about their products as well as the customer.

HANRO also has a close relationship to Switzerland, where the brand was founded, as well as to its current headquarters in Austria, where 80% of the fabrics are still produced today. These two countries are connected to each other by the impressive mountain panorama and the untouched nature of the Alps.

A small mountain village called 'Arabba' in South Tyrol served as the perfect location for the HANRO Fall/Winter 2021 campaign shoot. The warm wood of the luxurious chalet, fire blazing in the fireplace, and snow - covered mountains harmonize with the soft, natural materials such as cotton, merino wool, silk, cashmere, velvet, and flannel. The Fall/Winter campaign is inspired by our heritage, our contentment and mindfulness of the environment and its resources.

Inspired by the beauty of nature and the power of colour, the new collection conveys a feeling of luxury while stimulating the senses. Soft, natural materials such as cotton, merino wool, silk, cashmere, velvet, and flannel meet the pink and red tones of fall. The dark green and blue hues can only be found in pristine nature, and exquisite gold tones evoke luxury.