The world is constantly changing. Current events not only have a lasting effect on society, but also affect us personally. We must live in the moment, while being aware of our surroundings and being mindful of our emotions. In response, many people are shifting their focus inwards. Priorities are reassessed and quality of life is redefined. Is the stress and the pressure to succeed excessive, and is our consumption and constant need to please every one necessary? It gave us a moment to reset and reevaluate our priorities.

One place that is the perfect setting for ultimate relaxation and revitalizing the soul is in the Greek island of Milos, which also is where the HANRO Spring/Summer 2021 Campaign was shot. Unassuming and sublime, it defies the forces of nature and shows us just how much beauty can emanate from constant change. Every gust of wind dances differently on the sea; every wave traces new patterns as it laps on the sand. Each ray of sunlight changes the kaleidoscope of colours and the spirit of nature. The soft sandstone and volcanic rock is constantly sculpted by the wind. Nothing is ever the same as the day before, and yet this transience harbors a great sense of calmness and strength. It teaches us to appreciate the here and now, to live in the moment, and to simply exhale and let go.

The new collection reflects this new perspective on a sense of quality of life and focus on the essentials. With its natural, softly flowing fabrics and harmonious colours, it echoes the carefree lightheartedness of a summer’s day. Bold colours like Sunny yellow and Geranium pink radiate lust for life and unbridled optimism. Beige and Earthy brown – inspired by sandstone and the rugged cliffs – contrast with cool, refreshing shades of blue in all the nuances of sea and sky. The multifaceted island of Milos in the Cyclades is also known as the “island of colour,” and this firework of flamboyance is embraced by the new Spring/Summer Collection 2021.