Spring Summer 2022



The unique magic of a summer day is difficult to put into words. It's that special energy and a tingling sensation in the body that grabs us in the morning. Dreaming of relaxed days and long nights, fun and adventure awaits. We are wearing less, barefoot most of the time, feeling carefree and unrestricted. Life increasingly takes place outside and the transitions between indoors and outdoors are fluid. Away from the noise of the big city, nature captivates us. It is a place of tranquility, of lightness – a place to arrive and take a deep breath.

The idyllic unspoiled nature of the landscape awakens our longing for the infinite leisure and freedom. Like a painting, the endless panoramic view of nature and the colours affect our soul and spirit. The clouds casting shadows alongside patches of sunlight or moonlight peeking through change the scenery. Nature in the summer is full of contrasts and yet harmonious. Barren landscapes and hot air alternate with cool shade and refreshing water. While outside, we feel the glistening light and the warmth of the sun on our skin, while inside we find a relaxing, cool, subdued atmosphere.

The Spring/Summer 2022 collection is also characterized by contrasts. Lightly flowing, shimmering fabrics made of viscose and modal meet structured natural materials such as linen and organic cotton. Soft beige and lilac tones together with subtle shades of blue and green form a delicate base. Vibrant pink, bright yellow, and intense turquoise set summery accents and breathe life into the nature-inspired prints.

NATURAL SENSATIONS – the new HANRO Spring/Summer 2022 collection is as natural as nature itself.