New In: Brilliant Ease

New In: Brilliant Ease

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NEW in: inspired by gemstones

Autumn/Winter Newness With Our Second Drop 'Brilliant Ease'

Seeing the world through fresh eyes while breaking old routines. Weightlessly leaving day-to-day life behind, finding yourself, and regaining your balance. This inner lightness brings clarity, gives air to breathe, and creates space for fresh momentum.

FLOATING and ZERO GRAVITY are the overall themes of the HANRO Autumn/Winter 2020 campaign. This season, it consists of four different trend collections, each of which is individually staged. The puristic, abstract, and almost artful aesthetic of the product is inspired by nature, art, and architecture and ensures that the product is always the focus.

BRILLIANT EASE, our second drop, is inspired by the lustre and uniqueness of gemstones. Iridescent colours as well as the contrast between shiny and matte materials are represented in glass surfaces floating in the air.